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Frequently Asked Questions - Bluebird Airport Shuttle - Melbourne Airport Transport
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Where Can I Get a Bluebird Shuttle?

The Melbourne Airport (both international and domestic), hotels, apartments, universities and colleges, hospitals, train stations… pretty much anywhere within Melbourne City! Our service is pre booked in advanced and subject to availability and seating and timing.

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What times does Bluebird Operate?

Bluebird’s first pick up from Melbourne Airport is at 5am (AEST) and runs until last flight. Pickups from Melbourne City start at 5am and last pick up is 11pm (AEST).

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Does Bluebird operate at any other Airports?

We operate mainly from the Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine International). For private charters, crew transport or group bookings, we would be happy to accommodate your requests.

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Is Bluebird an authorised Operator?

Yes, Bluebird Airport Shuttle is accredited with Bus Safety Victoria under Accreditation AO007506.

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Do I need to book to get a bluebird Shuttle?

Yes, Bluebird shuttle is a pre booked service. You have to make a booking with us before you arrive in Melbourne. Simply call +61 3 9039 5500 or book online.

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How can I pay?

Bluebird accepts cash, EFTPOS, VISA and Master Card. Surcharges may apply for other non-cash payment methods.

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I have purchased a return ticket, can I use this for 2 people on one trip?

No, a return ticket is for 1 adult only, valid for 2 single trips to and from the airport. However, 1 adult can use that ticket for 2 single trips in the same direction

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What are the customer service hours?

Bluebird customer service operates from 5am to 2am (AEST) daily .

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How many bags can I bring?

We allow one X Large bag and one carry-on Bag per person. Excess luggage will be charged at $5 per item and must be pre booked. If you are carrying non-standard luggage such as surfboards, baby prams or golf equipment, call our customer service officers at +61 3 9039 5500 for advice.

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Can I bring animals on the bus?

Generally pets are not allowed with the exception of assistance dogs. Please be ready to produce your Assistance Animal Pass upon request.

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What happens if I lose or forget anything on the bus?

Please call our office +61 3 9039 5500 so as we can help you locate your items.

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Important Information
Luggage allowance:
1 large bag + 1 carry on per passenger. Extra $5 for additional luggage.
Shuttle Operating Hours:
5am to last flight from Melbourne Airport
Shuttle Departure Location:
View Service Area
Shuttle Pickup door to door:
Airport to City or
City to Airport